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Keeping Local Homes Cool: How Insulation Impacts HVAC Efficiency

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Hey, Tampa area neighbors: Did you know that your home insulation can make your HVAC unit work even harder? Yes, it’s true, your insulation has a significant impact on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) efficiency.  Proper insulation prevents cool air from escaping your home; which means insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow. Kind […]

How to Stop Condensation on Your AC Ducts

Have you ever wondered why your air conditioning ducts are often damp or show signs of moisture? Well, you’re not alone. This issue, called condensation, is quite common and can lead to a wide range of problems if not addressed in a timely manner.    In this article, we’ll explore how to stop this precipitation […]

Tips to Stay Cool When Your HVAC Is Down

The last thing any Tampa Bay local wants in the middle of July is for their HVAC to go out. Unfortunately, the high heat presents the highest risk of your AC breaking down due to high usage – what gives?     When your AC doesn’t get a break for months, a single component failing can […]

How Does an AC Fan Work?

Has your home been feeling a bit stuffy? Are you sneezing more than usual? Investing in a high-quality air conditioner can elevate your comfort and well-being, but only if you know how to effectively use it. A key to comfort from your AC unit is its fan.     Your AC fan has several setting options. […]

4.5 Can’t-Ignore Considerations for Your Restaurant’s HVAC

Yes, we said 4.5.     If you’re a restaurant owner, you should know that the majority of that energy goes to powering heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. In fact, restaurants use over twice as much power per square foot than almost any other commercial property!     To keep your customers happy, HVAC should be a […]

SOLVED: Why Does My Heater Smell Like It’s Burning? 

There’s a reason the AC comes first around here. Save this article for when it’s a wintery, cold day in Tampa Bay, Florida. (Yes, we have those.)    While we don’t have to rely on our heaters as other places do, they still get turned on….occasionally.  When it gets a little chilly inside at night, […]

AC Not Working? Our Pro’s Guide on What to Do 

 In Tampa Bay, we all know how VITAL our ACs are! The last thing anyone wants during our endless summer is to have their AC stop working.   Our team here at ACHV Services put together this helpful guide on what to do if your AC unexpectedly stops working, so you can know if it’s […]