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How Does an AC Fan Work?

Has your home been feeling a bit stuffy? Are you sneezing more than usual? Investing in a high-quality air conditioner can elevate your comfort and well-being, but only if you know how to effectively use it. A key to comfort from your AC unit is its fan.  


Your AC fan has several setting options. The mode you select impacts your HVAC’s efficiency and therefore influences your energy costs and the overall lifespan of your unit. Our cooling professionals share how these modes play a role in helping you beat the heat. 



Why Your AC Fan Is Essential  


Any HVAC pro can tell you that your AC fan has a big influence on your energy bill. Now that we’re creeping up to scorching temperatures here in Florida, keeping your energy consumption under control is a particularly great concern.  


Plus, a working AC fan will benefit your home in the following ways: 


  • Reduced allergy symptoms, since more contaminants are removed as more air is moved through the air filter Reduced hot and cold spots in your home with even cooling 
  • Reduced humidity in your home, since more air can pass through the condenser coils – a must-have in Florida! 


Let’s look at the different modes: 


Fan Mode  


Providing consistent air circulation with the fan mode will keep your air feeling fresh. Your AC draws air through the air filter and condenser and pushes it back through your home. It keeps your air quality intact and prevents your space from feeling stale and stuffy. However, it doesn’t drain your energy while in use as much as in active cooling mode.  



Fan mode will preserve air quality without using as much energy as active cooling. 



On Mode 


To maintain a chilled environment on hot summer days, you may want to switch this mode on. Putting your cooling coils to work will actively cool the air in addition to providing the benefits of the fan mode.  


Auto Mode  


If you’d rather not waste energy from your fan running all day but want to maintain a cool temperature indoors, the auto mode is your best bet. Your AC will turn on automatically when it detects your house needs cooling off.  


Need More Help? > Setting Your AC to On vs. Auto  


Notice a Problem with Your Fan? Call a Pro! 


If your fan stops working in your home, your space can heat up fast. This is especially true as we get into the summer months! Don’t wait to call in a pro, count on ACHV Services to be there in no time! Schedule your evaluation today! 

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