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7 Signs It’s Time for an AC Duct Repair

The ducts throughout your home allow for the delivery and removal of warm or cool air throughout your home and are largely responsible for maintaining clean, breathable air. What happens if they are damaged and start to have problems? 


These often-neglected components of your air conditioning system are simple yet vital contributors to keeping your home comfortable. If they’re not functioning optimally, you could end up wasting money on energy while not even getting your home to the desired temperature!  


Discover the signs that it’s time to call in a professional to repair your AC ductwork with our Tampa HVAC technicians. 



Why is Ductwork Important? 


If your HVAC system is like the body’s circulatory system, then your air is the blood, and your ductwork is the blood vessels. The AC unit itself is the heart and pumps are throughout the ductwork so it can reach the various rooms in your home. Air is also returned from these rooms to the main unit to filter, cool, or heat the air.  


Ducts that are structurally intact have many benefits for your HVAC system: 


  • Reduce the strain on your HVAC equipment  
  • Help keep your air free of dust particles, allergens, and germs 
  • Minimizes hot and cold spots in your home  
  • Extends the life span of your HVAC equipment 


Signs You Should Get Your Ducts Inspected 


Ductwork is clearly an important part of your HVAC system. How do you tell if it’s not working properly? We share the potential signs. 


1. Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home 


A leak or blockage in your ducts will often cause uneven temperatures in the various rooms of your home. This is because conditioned air escapes into your walls before reaching the desired location.  


This problem could be from: 


  • Collected debris  
  • A hole, tear, or crack 
  • Loose joints 
  • Improper sizing  


2. Dusty Vents 


Are your vents getting covered in dust at an unusually fast rate? You might be facing a filtration problem that needs investigating. Air filled with dust and dirt from the home circulates throughout your ductwork and ideally is removed from your AC filters. If these filters are clogged, particles will get trapped in your air vents.  


The fix may be as simple as replacing your air filters, but if this doesn’t fix the issue, your ducts will need to be inspected.  


3. Weird Noises 


Some creaking sounds throughout the home are normal, but excessive popping, banging, or booming when you start cooling or heating your home may be an issue with your ducts. This could be because excess air pressure is causing the metal of your ducts to expand. Improperly sized ducts, leaks, or blockages are also problematic.  



Failing to fix damaged or incorrectly fitted ductwork could dramatically reduce the life span of your air conditioner. 



4. Weak Air Flow 


If minimal air comes from your vents when your AC fan is running, your ducts may be damaged. Air might be escaping your ducts before it reaches your vents. Of course, debris could also restrict airflow. 


If your AC refuses to blow cold air on a hot day, it’s time to call in an expert! Our reliable technicians will get to the root of the problem in no time.  


5. Moldy Smells 


We’re no strangers to high humidity in Florida, but that doesn’t mean we want it in our home. Excess moisture in the air is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you notice a musty, damp smell when you turn on your AC unit, your ducts may not be insulated well. It could also be the result of uneven temperatures on the inside and outside of your ducts that result in condensation.  


If you notice a mildew smell, call an HVAC company as soon as possible, as mildew can make you sick with respiratory issues. 


5. Unwanted Pests 


Another smell you definitely shouldn’t ignore is a foul, animal odor. You may have rats, mice, or insects in your walls! They can wreak all kinds of havoc from holes and burrows to pathogens and allergens that tax your system and destroy your air quality. 


Before calling us, make sure you call pest control, so the root cause of the problem is taken care of. 


6. High Energy Bill 


Is your electrical bill higher than normal? It could be that your HVAC system is working harder than normal to make up for leaks, blockages, or unwanted visitors… If your ducts weren’t installed well to begin with, you’ll eventually see it reflected in your energy bills.  


Beat the Heat > My AC Stopped Working, and It’s HOT 




Get In Flow with the Best HVAC Repair in Tampa 


Not fixing the underlying issue of your minor AC problems and high energy bills can lead to major costly repairs down the road. You may even be forced to replace your AC system altogether – that’s a pretty penny!  


Fortunately, with the help of our AC repair pros at ACHV Services, you can get ahead of problems before they become disasters. You can depend on our team to get your ductwork in pristine condition so that you stay cool and comfortable for the summer.  


Reach out today to get our technicians over to your home for an inspection.  

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