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The Inside Scoop: Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

From standstill traffic to industrial mushroom clouds, it’s no secret that we have a pollution problem. But what about when you step indoors? Is the air within your home really safer than the “fresh air” outside? 


It may come as a surprise that air pollution within the home can be equally as bad, if not worse, as outdoors. Considering the majority of Americans spend 87% of their time indoors, indoor air quality should be a top priority to avoid health issues. We’re not kidding.  


Fortunately, with a bit of preventative maintenance and help from a professional HVAC technician, you can instantly improve your air quality. We share how! 



What Causes Indoor Air Pollution? 


Air pollution in the home comes from a variety of sources from mild irritants to life-threatening fumes.  


Some pollutants to watch for include:  


  • Allergens tracked in from outdoors  
  • Carbon monoxide  
  • Asbestos  
  • Lead  
  • Mold & mildew  
  • Cleaning & home improvement chemicals  


If you suspect any of these contaminants have infiltrated your home, schedule an inspection with ACHV Services. 


Steps You Can Take for Cleaner Air  


Some pollutants are simply unavoidable. But with the right course of action, you can eliminate dangerous substances and minimize any risk to the health of you and your loved ones.  


1. Change Your AC Filter 


Your air conditioning unit is constantly laboring away to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and humidity level. While your system is cycling through all of the air in your space, it filters out pollutants. Over time, the filter fills up with dirt and debris.  


This can cause problems with your indoor air quality and even takes a toll on your air conditioning system. While changing an AC filter isn’t too challenging, you can always reach out to ACHV Services to help you out.  


Regular filter changes are especially crucial if you live in a busy city like Tampa or are prone to allergies. 


2. The AC Filter Isn’t All That Matters 


Keep in mind that there are other filters throughout your home appliances! Regularly check your home for other filters in your: 


  • Vacuum cleaner  
  • Clothing dryer 
  • Kitchen vents 
  • Standalone air purifiers  


3. Check Your Air Ducts  


The air ducts carry hot and cold air to the various rooms throughout your home to maintain an even, comfortable client. Heed warning: ducts that are not properly installed or maintained can carry not only air but also contaminants throughout the home.  


Dust, dander, and dangerous molds can buildup in your ductwork, which will lower your air quality.  



Working with a reliable and professional HVAC company can ensure your ducts are clean and provide healthy, breathable air.  



4. Install Cooking Vents 


While great health can come from the kitchen, so can great harm. If you have gas burners, make sure to use a cooking vent, if possible, as they release compounds such as monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Even electric burners can release these pollutants and other particles that your body struggles to process.  


When you cook, make an effort to use a vent, open a window, or pull your air purifier into the kitchen. 


5. Clean Your Rugs and Carpets  


Rugs and carpets can be great additions to a home, providing both style and comfort. If you have these features in your home, it’s important to keep them as clean as possible. They act as “filters” on the ground by trapping dust and other microscopic substances that can bring you harm.  


Vacuum them weekly so they keep doing this job for your home. 


6. Control Indoor Humidity Levels 


A humid and moist environment is the ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. These fungi can trigger respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma – not so hot.  



Our Florida homes are particularly susceptible to high humidity levels – you probably don’t need us to tell you that.  



If you’re struggling with out-of-control humidity levels, it’s time to call ACHV Services.  


Learn More > How to Tell if You Have High Humidity Levels  


7. Create an Indoor Jungle  


Plants are the earth’s air filters! A few well-placed plants can not only enhance your home aesthetic and bring you joy, but they can also pull contaminants out of the air! 



Unlock a New Level of Comfort 


Maintaining clean, breathable air in your home requires a bit of attention and maintenance, but don’t over-complicate it! Take these steps to boost your air quality so you can breathe easy.  


If you find yourself struggling with recent coughing fits with no obvious cause or notice weird smells, it might be time to look into your air quality. You’re in luck because our team offers air quality audits, whole-home air purification installations, and filtration system installs.  


If you have any questions or are curious to learn more about how indoor air pollution impacts your health, reach out to our friendly team at ACHV Services. 

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