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HELP! My AC Stopped Working, and It’s HOT

Earlier this year, Florida saw record-high heat at 90 degrees in February! We can expect things to get pretty toasty this summer here in the Tampa Bay Area. Whether you’re a Florida native or new to our side of town, you probably know high heat levels can be dangerous to your health. 


Did you know it can also take a serious toll on your AC system? When it’s only 12 pm and your thermostat is set to 70 but it feels like 90 in your home, it’s easy to start panicking. But relax. Stressing out will likely only increase your body temperature! Besides, there are plenty of helpful steps to take to get your air conditioning back in business.  


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When In Doubt, Call the Cooling Pro  


No matter what kind of unit you have, our HVAC technicians have the know-how and experience to get you back to cool comfort. If none of the steps below get you anywhere, don’t wait to call a professional HVAC service. Do yourself a favor and go wait it out at a neighbor’s (with working AC, of course). We’ll call you when we’re on our way!  


In the meantime, before we can get over to your home, try these simple fixes.  


1. Change the Filter 


If your space is taking an unusually long time to cool off, you might have a dirty air filter.  


The solution may be as simple as cleaning or changing your air filter. After removing your air filter, hold it up to a light. If it’s difficult to see any light shining through, it’s certainly ready for a refresh. Caked-up dirt and debris prevent airflow, which dramatically reduces the efficiency of your unit.  


Simply change out the filter with a new one if it’s disposable. If it’s washable, let it soak in warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap. Be sure to let it air dry before putting it back into your unit.  


Feeling lost? Call our team at ACHV Services. 


2. Check If the Unit is Frozen  


Is your AC unit blowing warm or room-temperature air?  


When the weather gets hot, the air conditioning will likely run nonstop. Unfortunately, this can overwork your system and cause the evaporator coil to freeze over. Not great. If the unit feels really cold or you see ice anywhere around the unit, turn the cooling mode off on your thermostat immediately. Leaving the fan on but cooling off will help the unit defrost.  


The defrosting process can take a few hours, so you might as well go see a movie or run some errands while you wait. What’s most important, second to your health and safety, is that you don’t use the cool setting if you suspect your AC is frozen. This can damage the compressor, requiring expensive repairs or even a full replacement!  


3. Examine the Vents 


If most rooms feel cool, but one is quickly heating up, the problem could be in your ductwork.  


Check the vents in the room to see if debris has fallen in and inhibited airflow. Perhaps a very creative toddler has stuck items down in the vents.  


This troubleshooting tip is as simple as unscrewing the vent plate to pull out anything that might be blocking cool air.  


4. Wash Up Your Unit  


If none of these fixes have helped, it’s likely a good time to call a professional. As you wait for us to stop by, you can try cleaning your AC unit. This probably needs to get done anyways, right?  


The outside vents could be clogged. Start by shutting off the circuit breaker to your AC. Cutting power is the most crucial part of this process! Spray the outside unit with a hose to wash off any grime that is causing problems. A big cleaning brush can also help you get into the nooks and crannies.  


This is an especially good step to take if it’s recently stormed! 


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condenser and evaporator coils frozen air conditioning broken ac


Don’t Hesitate to Rely on ACHV Services  


If none of our suggestions seem to help, don’t wait to call a professional. Pushing your AC to stay cool could cause serious, costly, and even irreparable damage to your HVAC system. It’s not worth it! Call the pros.  


You can rely on our experts to get your AC back and running in no time. If the Florida heat has made its way into your home, unwelcome, make the call ASAP – (727) 453-2432 or (813) 917-2982.  

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