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What Are the Different Types of Air Conditioning Filters for Your Home?


Are you tired of breathing in dust, allergens, and pollutants in your home? It’s time to take control of the AC quality with the right filter! But with so many options available, how do you choose the best one for your needs?  


Don’t worry! Our pros at ACHV Services are here to help you discover which filter can effectively trap airborne particles and improve the overall quality of your air.  


Say goodbye to sneezing fits and hello to fresh, clean air!  


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The Importance of Air Conditioning Filters 


You might be shocked to discover just how vital these little components are to our well-being and comfort.  


By filtering dust, allergens, and other particulates from your HVAC system, air filters work tirelessly to keep our indoor air clean and fresh.  


It’s true, our heating and cooling systems are often unseen heroes in our daily lives. They ensure that what we breathe in is free from harmful particulates that could trigger allergies, asthma attacks, or other respiratory issues.  


If you think about it, they’re like the bouncers at a club, letting in only the good stuff and keeping the bad particles out. Simply put, no filter, no party! 


Types of HVAC Filters  


Let’s look at some of the types of air filters: 


  • Fiberglass: These are the most used and are also the most affordable. While they are efficient enough for basic dust filtration, you may need something more if you have allergy concerns. 


  • Pleated: Constructed from cotton or polyester, these can trap smaller particles, making them a better choice for families with respiratory issues. 


  • HEPA: High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are a remarkable choice for individuals seeking the utmost air purity. These can remove particles even smaller than those caught by a pleated option. 


  • Washable: While slightly more expensive, these can be reused over time, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly option in the long run. 


Tip: What works for one household might not work for yours. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at ACHV Services. We’re happy to help!  


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Breathe Easier with ACHV 


Maintaining good indoor AC quality is no small feat, but with the right system, you can transform your home into a safe and clean sanctuary.  


Our experts at ACHV Services would be happy to help choose the right air filter for your home’s HVAC unit. Contact us today at (727) 453-2432 or (813) 917-2982 to schedule an appointment.  


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