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Should You Turn Off the AC When You Leave Your House?


Have you ever left your house with the unpleasant sensation that you’ve forgotten to do something, only to realize that you left the AC running back at home? You then probably wrestled with the question; should I have turned off my AC before leaving?  


Our professionals at ACHV Services are here to help you better understand this and unravel the facts about when it is beneficial to turn off your HVAC unit. 


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The Energy-Efficiency Argument  


Those who advocate for turning off the AC when you leave argue from an energy conservation perspective. The logic here is simple – if there’s no one at home to enjoy the cool air, there’s no need for the AC to be running. This way, you’re not only saving energy but also reducing your carbon footprint and trimming your energy bills.  


The Comfort Argument  


But here’s the other side of the coin. Some people recommend leaving your AC on, albeit at a higher, more energy-efficient temperature. The argument here is rooted in comfort and effectiveness 


By keeping your HVAC unit running (even at a warmer setting), you’re avoiding the need for your system to work overtime when you return home and require a cooler environment.  


Downfalls of Leaving Your AC Running Non-Stop 


Just as your car wouldn’t enjoy a continuous, never-ending road trip, your cooling unit also needs its moments to stop, recover, and regenerate.  


  • More wear and tear 
  • It will use more energy and increase your bills 
  • Higher carbon footprint 


A Middle Ground 


A viable solution that takes into account both energy efficiency and personal comfort is the utilization of programmable thermostats 


These can be timed to shut off your heating and cooling when you leave and power them back up shortly before you return, providing a comfortable temperature without excessive energy use.  



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Reliable HVAC Services 


The question of whether to turn your AC off when you leave your house is highly dependent on your personal preferences, the specifics of your home, and your AC system. We recommend experimenting with different approaches and tracking your energy usage and comfort levels to determine the most effective strategy for you. 


Our experts at ACHV Services are here to answer any questions you have! Contact us today at (727) 453-2432 or (813) 917-2982 and one of our experts will help. 



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