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Chill Out with These Top Tips for Spring HVAC Care

If you’re anything like most homeowners, then with the arrival of spring, your thoughts probably turn to entertaining activities and spending more time outside in the sunshine.  


Yet, as wonderful as spring is, it’s also the time of year that calls for extra attention to your HVAC system. Your system worked hard over the winter, and soon it’ll be under the strain of the upcoming summer heat. So, this is the perfect “in-between” season! 


Our experts at ACHV Services put together a list of our top spring air conditioning care tips: 


  • Preventive maintenance of equipment  
  • Changing or cleaning filters   
  • Ensuring all connections are secure 
  • Double-check your drain lines 
  • Clean around your unit (look around, you see the pollen and leaves) 
  • Thermostat upgrade 



Why Spring is the Perfect Time for HVAC Maintenance 


Keeping up with your system’s maintenance can enhance your home’s air quality, ensuring your loved ones stay healthy and comfortable all year round. Now that’s the kind of peace of mind we all need!  


So, what exactly should this spring-cleaning entail?  


HVAC Tip #1. Preventive Maintenance on Equipment 


This can include testing and cleaning all your air conditioner’s components to ensure they are functional and efficient, which in turn reduces the risk of wear and tear or unexpected malfunctions.  


Checking the condenser unit is essential.  


Dirt and debris are pesky adversaries of efficiency, impacting both the system’s performance and your wallet.


A professional, like ours at ACHV Services, can help clear any blocked airflow and make sure everything’s in working order.  


Additionally, we’ll make sure the refrigerant levels are at an optimal level – too much or too little can hinder your system’s capacity to cool your home efficiently.  



HVAC Tip #2. Changing or Cleaning Filters 


This is important to ensure they aren’t clogged with debris, which helps the system operate more effectively and improves indoor air quality.  


With spring bringing in more pollen and allergens, replacing filters is essential for maintaining clean, healthy air in your home. 


ACHV Tip: You should replace your filters every 60 days (about 2 months), or more frequently if you have pets. 


HVAC Tip #3. Ensuring All Connections Are Secure


Checking the connections and making sure they are free from damage is key to preventing potential breakdowns before they occur.  


Faulty or worn-out wires can lead to system malfunction and pose potential safety hazards. 


Use the spring maintenance window to have an expert inspect and, if needed, replace any damaged wiring.   


HVAC Tip #4. Check Your Drain Lines


Drain lines, key factors in your unit’s functionality, need to be cleaned regularly.  

Homeowners often underestimate the importance of cleaning their drain lines, but regular maintenance is crucial for optimal system performance.  

Neglecting to clean these drain lines can lead to clogs, which in turn can cause water damage and even mold growth in the home. 

In addition to potential property damage, a clogged drain line can also result in reduced efficiency of the HVAC system, leading to higher energy bills. 


HVAC Tip #5. Clean Around Your Unit


Don’t forget to clear away any debris or obstructions around your outdoor unit to promote proper airflow.  


In addition to pollen, leaves, or other debris, remember to trim back any overgrown vegetation or shrubs that may be encroaching on the AC unit.  



HVAC Tip #6. Thermostat Upgrade


Consider installing a programmable thermostat if you haven’t already done so. This can help you control the temperature more effectively and save on energy costs during the fluctuating temperatures of spring. (And our soaring summertime temperatures too.) 


We love Trane products and highly recommend if you are considering a new thermostat, to look into theirs! 


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Cool Down in Style 


While these tasks might seem like something you can DIY, consider scheduling a tune-up with ACHV Services. Our local technicians not only have the necessary tools and know-how but are also trained to identify any potential issues that might lead to problems in the future.  

Scheduling your spring maintenance early can help you preempt any potential issues, save on utility bills, and ensure your system is ready to combat summer heat. Best of all, it’s a simple, proactive measure that ultimately affords you peace of mind all year long.  

Have a comfortable living environment with the team at ACHV Services. Call/text for service today (727) 453-2432 or (813) 917-2982 anywhere in Tampa Bay! 


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