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What Temperature Should I Set My AC In Summer?


You don’t need us to tell you – Florida gets hot in the summer. Not only that, but we also deal with the heavy and dense humidity that feels like swimming through the air. Staying comfortable through this blistering season comes at a cost. 


So how do you keep your home comfortable without your utility bills skyrocketing through the roof? Our HVAC technicians answer your burning questions: What Temperature Should I Set My AC in Summer? 




The US Department of Energy Recommendations 


When determining how to set your thermostat, the national recommendation is a good starting point. The U.S. Department of Energy, also known as the DOE, offers recommendations for the seasons: 


  • The ideal temperature in winter is 68 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • The ideal temperature in summer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit 


You might look at those numbers and think they’re insane – again, they are simply recommendations! Here are some suggestions to lower your electricity bill while staying comfortable in your home. 


Keep Your Bills Low and Your Comfort High  


Believe it or not, the best way to lower your electric bill is to adjust the temperature throughout the day. This is one reason why programmable thermostats are so effective and we recommend them to all of our clients.  


We like to consider these factors when advising homeowners on the best temperature setting for their system. 


The Outdoor Temperature  


The less dramatic of a difference there is between your thermostat setting and the outdoor temperature, the less energy your HVAC system will require. The closer you program your thermostat to the outdoor level, the less you will spend on electricity!  


It’s a simple enough concept but can be a challenge when you detest the heat and it’s nearing 100 degrees outside!  


The Humidity Level 


Humid climates, such as ours here in Tampa, can increase the risk of mold and pathogens growing in your home. Plus, it can damage your furniture, artwork, and structural integrity of your home – not ideal.  


Ideally, your indoor humidity level should be 30-50%. Running your AC can help regulate your humidity 



We suggest purchasing a hygrometer or built-in humidistat to monitor these moisture levels in your space.  



If it starts to get too high, lower your AC temperature.  


Your Comfort Level 


While 78 degrees is ideal in our sunny state to keep your power bill down, this is too warm for many people. To figure out your tolerance, set it at 78 degrees. If you find yourself too warm, slowly adjust the temperature one degree at a time until you feel comfortable. Give it an hour or two between each adjustment.  


Your Living & Sleeping Habits  


Apart from staying mindful of your humidity levels, your AC doesn’t need to stay at a livable level when you’re away from home. While at work, turn it up so your HVAC is not working as hard as you are. You can also change the settings when you go out of town. 



If you install a programmable thermostat, these adjustments can become out of sight, out of mind. The temperature will adjust when you leave for the day and be back to comfort by the time you get home! 



Plus, you might like it cooler or warmer when you sleep. Keep this in mind when setting the temperature throughout the day.  


Ways to Save  


There are several other ways to reduce your electrical bill during the summertime.  


Install Ceiling Fans  


It sounds like a given, but it’s so effective! Fans use far less energy than AC systems, and they even make your HVAC work more efficiently by creating airflow.  


Install a Programmable Thermostat  


Not to feed a fed horse, but installing a programmable thermostat does an amazing job of making comfort more convenient and less expensive.  


Create a pre-set schedule so you can “set and forget” the hassle of constantly adjusting your thermostat. Smart thermostats can do more than that – they can help you save by automatically adjusting the temperature based on the weather and other factors!  


Install an Energy Star AC Unit  


The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, created Energy Star to help Americans find more energy-efficient products. The goals of this program include: 


  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution  
  2. Make it easier for Americans to save money  


By switching to an Energy Star system, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%! 



Find Out > AC Summer Maintenance Tips 




Don’t Wait to Make the Change  


It’s possible to make big cuts to your spending when you follow the advice above. When you set your thermostat to the ideal temperature, you optimize your HVAC efficiency. Save money, stay comfortable.  


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