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Trendy Thermostat Upgrades 

  With technology advancing at a pace like never before, our homes are becoming more interconnected and efficient. This certainly includes our thermostats, the guardians of comfort in our homes.    Riding the wave of the smart home revolution, thermostats have undergone a transformational upgrade, from mundane gadgets to trendy and essential home automation devices.    […]

Winter is Coming: How Snowbirds Prepare Their HVAC Systems

Winter is coming, are you prepared?     Snowbirds, those savvy migratory folks who chase warmth, are all too familiar with the need to winterize their homes before heading to a more hospitable climate like Florida. One of the key areas that can’t be overlooked is the HVAC system.     Our professionals at ACHV Services […]

What Temperature Should I Set My AC In Summer?


You don’t need us to tell you – Florida gets hot in the summer. Not only that, but we also deal with the heavy and dense humidity that feels like swimming through the air. Staying comfortable through this blistering season comes at a cost.    So how do you keep your home comfortable without your […]

Is It Safe to Run Your Air Conditioning During a Storm?

We know the arrival of summer in Florida means you want to pump your AC cooling through the roof. It also means hurricane season is upon us. While stormy weather generally brings along cooler temperatures, it’s still warm enough to keep the AC running.     So that leads to the question… is it even safe […]