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What to Do If Your AC Is Running but Not Cooling

Is your home starting to feel more like a sauna and less like the relaxing sanctuary in which it normally does? Your AC seems to be running but you’re hotter than you would be if you were going for a run in the direct sun?     You have come to the right place to […]

Your Ultimate AC Maintenance Checklist for 2023

air filter

We love living in Tampa Bay. But let’s be honest, our Endless Summers can certainly feel it – especially if your AC is on the fritz. Here, our pros talk how not to let that happen.     We rely on our air conditioning units to keep us cool and comfortable in our homes year-round, especially […]

FROZEN: What to Do if Your AC Freezes Up

How is it possible for a piece of technology to freeze while hard at work during the peak temperatures of our hottest summer days? Although it seems odd for an AC unit to be prone to freezing, it actually happens quite frequently.    Not many homeowners know what to do to prevent or handle this problem if […]

Is Your HVAC Unit Leaking Water? Here are Possible Reasons Why

Walking into a mechanical room or storage space to find a puddle of water is never a pleasant circumstance for homeowners or property managers alike. This could lead to extensive and expensive damage to your walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. Could your indoor AC unit be the cause of a leak?    Although it’s less […]

How Does Humidity Impact My HVAC System?

Mold Issues

Living here in Florida, you’re probably (somewhat) used to high humidity levels. However, that doesn’t mean you want that humidity following you into your home. For this reason, you’ll need to have an air conditioning unit if you expect to live a comfortable life that offers an escape on sticky, hot days.    Managing the […]