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Product Highlight: The Benefits of Installing a REME HALO Whole Home Air Purifier

It may come as a surprise that indoor air quality is often worse for you than the polluted air outdoors. People with allergies are at a particularly high risk of suffering from respiratory issues as a result of poor indoor air quality.  


Improving your home air quality can be highly beneficial for your health, and a really easy way to make it happen is to install a REME HALO Whole Home Air Purifier. Our HVAC technicians share the benefits for your home. 


Reme Halo whole home air purifier


1. Kills Harmful Pathogens 


The REME HALO is built with state-of-the-art technology that methodically kills and reduces airborne pathogens and allergens such as: 


  • Viruses 
  • Bacteria 
  • Mold spores 
  • Dander 
  • Pollen 


Most electronic air cleaners and HEPA filters are only capable of trapping these types of particles but not actually exterminating them. The REME filter is capable of killing these problematic microbes that can cause illness and allergies. 


2. Reduces Sneezing Fits 


Germs that cause sneezing can spread 20 feet from the individual that sneezes – that’s essentially the span of an entire room. The REME HALO uses ionization, a process in which small atoms with a small electrical charge draw pollutants and pathogens away. As a result, the REME HALO reduces any germs by 99% within three feet of the person sneezing!  


3. Utilizes Powerful Technology  


The REME HALO uses the previously mentioned ionizers to produce zinc ions that settle on surfaces throughout your home and kill 99% of viruses. This procedure is very similar to how the human body destroys harmful microbes in our immune systems! 


Additionally, ultraviolet light is used to kill additional pathogens in your air ducts. The LEDs in the REME HALO last significantly longer than previous models of mercury vapor UV lamps. 


4. Takes Care of the Air in Each Room 


There is no need to transfer air purifiers between rooms when you have a REME HALO. This comprehensive system covers the entire building, giving you and your family clean and fresh air through flu and allergy season.  


5. Requires Minimal Maintenance  


One of the best features of the REME HALO is how long it lasts without needing maintenance. The cell has a two-year warranty and quick-release features that make it very simple for our technicians to perform any repairs or maintenance.  


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Purify Your Home with ACHV Services  


Our technicians provide the most reliable service for HVAC systems in the Tampa Bay Area. Our top priority is to keep your air healthy, comfortable, and breathable so you can live without worry.  


If you are ready to make the upgrade to a whole-home air purifier, call our team today! 

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