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Signs Your Home Has Poor Humidity

Humidity. That icky, sticky, heaviness in the air that notoriously hovers year-round in the sunshine state of Florida. Yes, the intense, humid summer heat is quickly approaching and it can make you feel lethargic, irritable, and unwell overall. Although we don’t typically have this problem in Florida, dry air can cause just as many issues. 


On the bright side, we have advanced HVAC systems that keep our indoor air levels comfortable. That way, we can escape whatever the elements throw our way. But what if you don’t feel your home offers a safe haven? Your home may have poor humidity levels.  


In this post, our HVAC technicians share signs your home is struggling against moisture.  



What Are Normal Levels of Humidity? 


The amount of humidity for health and comfort is when the moisture vapor suspended in the air is between 30% and 50% of the total amount possible for the air to hold.  


Are There Hazards of Too Much Humidity? 


High humidity levels can take a toll on your comfort, home, belongings, and wellness. Too much moisture in the air may prohibit your body from regulating its core temperature through evaporation. It can even make you sick with infections and allergies by providing the ideal environment for the growth of: 


  • Fungus  
  • Mold 
  • Dust mites  


Yuck. It can also lead to unwanted pests, wood rot, and furniture warping.  



Over time, these problems can be costly to your wallet and your health. It’s important to seek solutions as soon as possible. 



Is Too Little Humidity a Problem? 


Dry air can also cause a host of issues on the other end of the spectrum. These problems include: 


  • Cold & itchy skin 
  • Dry skin & mucous membranes, such as your throat and lips 
  • Coughing, wheezing, & breathing challenges 
  • Cracking & shrinking around door frames and molding 
  • Warping wood furniture & floors 


Does Your Home Have Poor Humidity? 


Hopefully you can see how important it is to have the right humidity levels in your home. Let’s cover some signs that your home’s humidity is weighing on you: 


You Don’t Sleep Well 


Too much or too little humidity can have a BIG impact on your sleep.  


  • Your body must work harder to evaporate sweat and stay cool in high humidity.  
  • On the other end of the spectrum, breathing air that is too dry can irritate your throat and trigger coughing fits. 


You Can’t Stop Sweating  


If you step out of the shower and immediately feel yourself sweating again, your humidity levels may be through the roof. You might feel tempted to open a window, but this can actually make matters worse. 


You Struggle to Breath Well 


Both high humidity and low humidity levels can cause respiratory problems, which can substantially impact your overall health.  



Read More > How Does Humidity Impact My HVAC System? 




Combat Indoor Air Issues  


If you’ve noticed any of the above taking over your life, it’s a good idea to call an HVAC technician and rule out any issues with your system. We offer air quality solutions you can count on to keep your humidity levels in check while sucking any unwanted pathogens and contaminants right out of the air.  


Our team at ACHV Services is knowledgeable and reliable, so you never have to worry about receiving the best possible service. Call us today – (727) 453-2432 or (813) 917-2982 

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