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What’s the Deal with Low Freon in Your AC Unit?

The outdoor temperature is racing to blazing here in Florida, so a properly functioning air conditioning system is a must-have. Without it, you’re asking for a pretty miserable home life! If you notice your AC suddenly isn’t living up to its potential, the problem might be low Freon.  


In almost all cases, low Freon indicates a bigger problem at play. Our HVAC technicians at ACHV Services review signs that may alert you of a Freon issue and what you should do about it. 



What is Freon and How Does It Affect Your AC? 


Freon is the refrigerant that keeps your AC operating smoothly. It absorbs heat from the air within your home, so if it’s low, your home won’t get much cooler.  



Low Freon levels are a serious issue that can lead to further damage within your unit, so it’s important to tackle the problem quickly.  



Signs that Your AC Unit is Low on Freon  


Stay aware of changes in your home that may indicate low refrigerant or another problem. Call an HVAC technician if: 


  • Air blowing from your vents or registers is lukewarm or warm 
  • Your energy bills are a lot higher than what’s typical for this time of year 
  • You hear bubbling or hissing sounds that indicate a leak. A leak is pretty much the only way to end up with low Freon, so this will have to be addressed 
  • Your home is taking longer to cool down 
  • Your refrigerant line is frozen – this can cause great damage if not promptly addressed! 


How to Avoid Low Freon Levels 


The best way to avoid low freon levels, which are the result of leaks within your system, is to stay on top of regular maintenance.  


A skilled HVAC technician, like one of our own at ACHV Services, will be able to spot minor inconveniences before they become disastrous issues.  


They will also be able to complete the proper tune-ups to keep your unit in the best possible shape.  



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Level Up with ACHV Services 


If your Freon levels seem to be running low, don’t freak, but don’t freeze. Now is the time to act and call in a professional.  


Whether your AC system isn’t working properly or it needs an annual inspection and maintenance appointment, you can trust that our team will be able to help!  


Don’t stay stranded in the Florida heat without working AC. Schedule your appointment today! 

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