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How Long Does It Take to Replace an Air Conditioner?

If you’re planning to replace your air conditioning before the high heat of summer, you may wonder how long the process will take from start to finish. Various factors affect the installation timeline, so our experienced HVAC technicians are here to give you a rough estimate of what to expect. 


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how long does it take to replace an AC unit


What’s the Timeline of an AC Installation? 


On average, installing a new air conditioner takes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. The features that influence the amount of time it will take include: 


  • Size of the unit 
  • Type of AC  
  • Type of installation 
  • Location of the unit 


Size of the AC Unit 


As you might imagine, a smaller unit can be installed in a shorter amount of time than a larger one. The square footage, layout, and volume of your property along with other characteristics of your home will impact the best size for your AC unit.  


A multi-level home that requires a big system with multiple units will undoubtedly take longer to install than a smaller unit in a single-story house.  


Our Guide > Estimate the Correct Size AC Unit for Your Home 


Type of Air Conditioner 


When selecting a new central AC system for your home, you will have a range of options to choose from, with the two main types being: 


  • Split Air Conditioners 
  • Packaged Air Conditioning Systems 


The main difference is that in a split air conditioner, the condenser and evaporator coil are split into two separate units joined by copper tubing that transfers refrigerant. Because of this distinction, a split air conditioner will take longer to install than a package air conditioner. 



Split and package air conditioners contain the same parts but are structured differently, impacting the amount of time they take to install. 



Type of Installation 


If you only need a changeout, you are replacing your air conditioner unit with a new one while all other equipment stays the same. This takes far less time than a full system replacement, in which all parts of the system are replaced, including: 


  • AC units 
  • Ductwork  
  • Thermostats 


This process takes between 3 to 5 days, compared to less than a workday for a changeout. 


Location of Unit 


Easy access locations will take less time than if the unit needs to be installed in a hard-to-reach position. A low basement or crawl space installation will take longer than a modern, finished basement. 


Make the Process Quick & Easy with Our Reliable HVAC Technicians 


The sooner you get started with your AC replacement, the sooner the process will be over! You can count on our trustworthy HVAC team to provide the best quality service in the quickest amount of time. Call our technicians to further discuss your options and get your home comfortable for the coming summer! 

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