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How Many Air Conditioning Inspections Should Your Schedule Per Year?


Air Conditioning Inspections and Routine Assessments

No one likes unpleasant surprises, especially unnecessary expenses. Yet, that can easily happen to anyone who ignores simple things like an air conditioning inspection. Aside from extending the working life of your unit, an air conditioner inspection also improves your equipment’s energy efficiency, thereby saving you a substantial amount of money on utility bills.

That’s not all, as part of preventative maintenance, regular air conditioning service ensures your system runs smoothly. Let’s just say it’ll cost you more to have your air conditioners replaced than it would to have routine AC inspections that’ll focus on finding and addressing issues that usually go unnoticed.

So, how often do you need to schedule AC inspections?

How Often Should You Have Air Conditioning Inspections?

Every piece of equipment requires regular checkups even when it’s not broken. For the AC unit, the checkup should be done at least once a year. If the air conditioner is used for both heating and cooling, then the inspection can be done twice a year.

Spring is the best time to have the AC unit inspected. By the time summer comes, there won’t be any unnecessary surprises from a dysfunctional cooling system.

A second inspection would be appropriate in the fall to make sure that the heating system is ready for winter.

You can also have an additional inspection whenever there’s a need. For instance, if you start hearing strange noises from the AC. Here, waiting until the next inspection might only magnify the concern. Best solution is to call an AC company for a quick checkup.

What Does Inspections Involve

Air conditioning inspection helps to ensure the HVAC system is functioning properly. Any damages are identified and rectified to improve the efficiency of the system.

Some of the routine activities in HVAC maintenance include:

  • Changing the air filters
  • Meticulously cleaning the evaporator coil
  • Wiping the ducts
  • Checking fuses and wiring
  • Inspecting for refrigerant leaks, among others.

If anything requires replacement, your AC technician can take care of the need during the inspection. An AC inspector can also do minor repairs during the inspection. If major repairs are needed on the unit, you can schedule air conditioning maintenance as soon as possible.

Remember, an annual inspection of the air conditioning unit should be done by a qualified HVAC technician. As a rule of thumb, such planned inspections don’t stop you from carrying out simple HVAC services such as simple cleaning.

Why Do You Need Inspections?

  • Planning for timely inspection of AC units can lead to the uncovering of several issues including dirty or clogged filters, leaks, faulty wiring, heat pump malfunctions, and more.
  • Avoiding an inspection can lead to an accumulation of the above mentioned problems. If such concerns are discovered too late—serious damage will have resulted. This might lead to costly HVAC repair and/or replacement of damaged components.
  • Failure to inspect can also lead to an inefficient system. Not only will such a concern result in your unit consuming more electrical energy, but it also means your system might fail to serve you effectively.
  • An AC inspection helps you to know the condition of the AC unit. Say the findings show the system is dated or too inefficient, then you can start planning for an upgrade. This move eliminates inconveniences resulting from unexpected failures of the system.
  • Inspection enhances Safety in your home. Any leaking gases are checked and sealed. This ensures that the indoor air quality is good for your health. In addition, the power line inspection helps to prevent damages resulting from an electrical fault.

Admittedly, a properly functioning AC system will make your summer cooler and your winter warmer. A good AC unit inspection goes a long way in boosting your AC system’s performance.

Schedule Air Conditioning Inspections & Prevent HVAC Problems Today

To Minimize AC issues, you ought to engage a professional HVAC inspector from a reputable HVAC company at least once every year for regular maintenance of the HVAC unit.

Alongside changing your filters regularly, an routine AC checkup is an excellent strategy when you want to manage your electricity expenses. Such services also help extend the working life of your air conditioners plus keep your system running smoothly.

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