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Is Your Air Conditioner Making Noise


7 Signs Your Air Conditioner is Malfunctioning

Noise from an otherwise quiet system is definitely a cause for alarm. For your HVAC system, loud buzzing sounds from your unit ought to signal that it’s malfunctioning. An air conditioner making noise means it may have issues including loose parts, missing or damaged isolation feet, a Freon leak, or a faulty compressor.

Some of these issues could be minor concerns, mainly requiring a few touches to fix. Or they could be substantial concerns that may set you back a couple of dollars in HVAC services and repairs…

Never ignore noises coming from your air conditioner.

So, what can you do when you hear noises from the air conditioning system?

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Making Noise?

As air conditioning units age, they make more noise.

Understanding these noises can give you an idea of what the problem is and what you can do about it.

So, let’s look at the 7 most common noises air conditioners make.

1. Rattling Noise

You are likely to hear this noise as an air conditioning unit gets older. Due to the constant vibration of the condenser unit, some screws may get loose. As the AC runs, the loose parts (such as the fan belt) start to vibrate creating a rattling noise.

Another cause of a rattling noise is dirt in the condenser unit. When leaves or twigs get in the system, they are hit by the rotating fan, thereby creating noise.

This problem is easy to fix. Just remove the dirt from the system and fasten the screws.

2. Clicking Noise

It is normal to hear clicking sounds whenever you start or shut off your AC. However, a continuous clicking noises are not normal. This is a sign that your thermostat or the relay is malfunctioning.

3. Humming Noise

A low humming noise should not be a big concern. A loud one, on the other hand, can signal a seized-up motor with power still flowing, a failed contactor or circuit breaker, and a frozen system.

4. Buzzing Sound

A buzzing sound is most likely caused by an electrical issue. Aside from this concern perhaps arising due to exposed wires, it can also indicate the presence of impurities, or failure of equipment leading to electrical discharge that produces the buzzing sound.

This problem normally stems from the contactor relay switch, the circuit breakers, and the condenser fan motor.

Remember, opening the electrical component can cause electrocution. Therefore, it’s advisable to call a professional to rectify the problem.

5. Screeching Noise

This is a high-pitched whistling noise that comes from the outdoor condenser unit. It is caused by the motor that’s designed to spin the fan to get rid of the heat from the condenser.

Inside the motor are ball-bearings that help to spin the motor shaft. These bearings lose lubricant with time. When they move at high speed without enough lubrication, they produce a high-pitch screeching noise.

This problem is likely to materialize as the motor gets old. Therefore, the best solution is to replace the motor since it can’t be repaired.

6. Hissing Noise

A hissing sound is heard when there’s a refrigerant leak in the copper tube. Noise is created when the refrigerant escapes from the tube at high pressure. That said, a hissing noise can also be caused by a problem in the expansion valve or an air filter that doesn’t fit well in the slot.

7. Banging Noise

Banging noises usually arises when there’s a problem in the compressor that’s set up to create pressure in the system. Inside the compressor are two plates or scrolls which rotate to pump the refrigerant through the system.

When these scrolls break or have alignment issues, they create a loud banging noise. It’s probably the loudest noise your AC is likely to make if it has a problem.

Unfortunately, the compressor is completely sealed and can’t be opened to repair the internal parts. Your only option is to replace it in order to get rid of the banging noise.

Need a Pinellas AC Pro to Fix HVAC Noise Issues?

Whenever you hear your air conditioner making noise, do not ignore it. Look for a reputable ac repair company to repair your ac quickly.

But first, turn off the unit before calling an air conditioning system expert to take a look. Such a strategy helps prevent further damage and subsequently saves you money you’d spend on expensive HVAC repair.

Reach out to ACHV to speak with our air conditioning maintenance experts. Our team will find the cause of the noisy air conditioner and fix it as soon as possible. For air conditioning service in Pinellas and its environs, please visit our air conditioning service page and check out our special offers today.

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