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Your Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist


Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist for this Summer.

Having a working air conditioner can be beneficial for many reasons, but it becomes particularly useful on hot summer days in Florida. As the season approaches and you start to notice the weather starting to get hotter, it will be a good idea to bring out your air conditioner maintenance checklist to ensure your HVAC system is functioning properly. AC units are one of the most commonly used appliances at home, but many forget about the importance of air conditioning maintenance.

Ignoring air conditioner maintenance can cause problems to pile up and get bigger until the system stops working, and you need to call in a professional for HVAC services.

Neglecting maintenance processes can spike your bill and shorten your appliance’s lifespan as its parts may worn out more quickly. Much like any of your other appliances and systems at home, your air conditioner needs regular inspections to ensure everything is in order.

As the summer starts to approach, here is a checklist to help you manage your cooling system. The summer can be a busy time for contractors and service companies, so if you need to schedule an inspection or repair, it is best to do this in spring. Take note that not everything found below can be done by homeowners, especially those with no experience, but the list can serve as a guide for you to make sure your technician does all the necessary maintenance work.

Air Filter Replacement

Cleaning and replacing your air conditioner’s air filter regularly can help keep its motor running efficiently and effectively. For good measure, make sure to check your filter every month and determine if it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Filters can generally last anywhere from one to three months, but once you reach the three-month mark, it is best to replace the filter. Air filter replacement is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce air conditioning costs, so make sure to include it in your air conditioner maintenance checklist.

Condenser Coil Cleaning

The condenser coil found in your outdoor AC unit helps release heat to the outdoor air, effectively keeping your home cool. Dirty condenser coils can reduce the part’s efficiency and use up more energy since your system will have to run longer, thus increasing your monthly bills. Since condenser coils are placed outside your home, they are much more exposed to weather elements.

Thus, you must check your outdoor unit monthly and remove any leaves, debris, or grass clippings that may have accumulated. Make sure to keep all sides of the unit clear from any potential blockages so you can maintain proper airflow to the coil. For more thorough cleaning, you can contact a professional once a year to open up the casing and clean all the parts, both inside and outside.

Refrigerant Level Adjustment

For your air conditioning system to do its job of cooling air, it will need a refrigerant. If you notice your unit releasing hot air or hear a bubbling noise while it is running, these could be signs of a low refrigerant level.

Low refrigerant can overwork your system and compromise its service life, so once you notice issues with your cooling system, make sure to call in a professional technician. Adjusting your refrigerant on your own is not advisable since the chemical can pose risks when not handled safely, and you want to make sure you put the right amount on your unit.

Thermostat Settings

Your home thermostat settings can help you determine whether your heating and cooling system are working correctly. Nowadays, programmable thermostats are popular among homeowners as they allow you to adjust your home’s indoor temperature based on your preferences and schedule. Adjusting your settings strategically can help you cut down on energy bills since you can cut down your energy usage when no one is at home or when everyone is in bed.

Condensate Drain Line Inspection

Your condensate drain line must not be clogged as this can cause water to leak and moisture to enter your home or AC unit. Cracked or damaged drain pans may also cause similar problems, so having a contractor check and clear your condensate drain can prevent such issues from arising or getting worse. If needed, you can also get your drain pan replaced to get rid of leaks you may have in your home.

While a professional may help you with the necessary work during maintenance, it will also help to clear your drain line once a year. You can push a stiff, thin wire brush into the line and pour a bleach and water mix into the PVC pipe.

Professional Tune-Up

You may be able to do some things in your air conditioner maintenance checklist, but other tasks are better handled by a professional. Thus, it is important to schedule an annual tune-up to have a technician check your AC unit thoroughly and do any necessary repairs. Tasks like lubricating moving parts, tightening electrical connections, inspecting the condensate train, and many others are typically included in a routine tune-up.

Duct Cleaning and Repair

Duct inspections are often not part of general air conditioner maintenance, but it will be a good idea to also include it in your list. You do not necessarily need to do it yearly, as you would with your regular tune-up, but having it checked from time to time to avoid inefficiencies in your system. Call up an HVAC technician to take a look at your ducts and do any cleaning, repairing, or adjusting that is needed.

Scheduling Your Routine Maintenance

Spring is an ideal time for air conditioning maintenance, so you can avoid running out of slots and make sure your AC is in its best condition for the summer. Call ACHV today at (727) 453-2432 or (813) 917-2982 to get a free estimate on our HVAC services.

Should you have any questions or concerns, our team will be happy to answer them and also let you know about any special offer you can get for your home. Allow us to help you check all the boxes in your air conditioner maintenance checklist to ensure you have a cool summer ahead.

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