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Signs Your Air Conditioner Compressor is Damaged or Needs to be Replaced


How to diagnose air conditioner condenser problems.

To say that your home’s HVAC system is an essential part of keeping your household running smoothly is a huge understatement. This is especially true during Florida’s summer months when we’re all subjected to much higher temperatures and are in desperate need of a well-functioning air conditioning.

When you experience an AC compressor failure, your system is forced to work harder in order to achieve the same results, resulting in damage to the equipment and higher energy bills. Today, we’re going to take a look at the signs of air conditioner compressor problems that will typically result in the need for professional repair services.

Compressor Fails to Turn On

A well-maintained AC compressor will remain in good working order for approximately 10 to 15 years, but there’s always a chance that it will stop working without much warning. If your air conditioner fails to cool your home, check the outdoor unit to see if you can hear the compressor running. Depending on the age of the unit, you may choose to either repair the compressor or replace the entire system.

Noticeably Reduced Airflow

Reduced airflow is often one of the first warning signs that something is amiss, but this can be difficult to notice. To test it out, place your hands in front of a vent and see if airflow seems weak or not cool enough. Either one of these problems will indicate an AC compressor in need of repair.

Hot Air Not Going Outside

Your system’s compressor works by taking hot air from inside your home and redirecting it outside. If you place your hand close to the unit’s fan and the air is either cool or lukewarm, this will often indicate a compressor issue. However, this is also indicative of a refrigerant leak, so be sure to check that out first since it won’t likely cost as much to fix.

Unusual Noises from the Unit

Any time a piece of equipment starts making strange or loud sounds, it’s a safe bet that something is wrong. The best way to test this is to have someone inside the house turn on the system while you stand outside next to the outdoor unit and listen for unusual noises when it kicks on and starts running. If you hear banging, rumbling, popping, screeching, or anything else out of the ordinary, the AC compressor is likely experiencing electrical problems.

System Blowing Warm Air

It’s actually quite common for a compressor to continue running while not cooling off the air properly. If you place your hand near a vent and all you can feel is warm air, a low refrigerant level or blocked/damaged suction lines are very likely the culprit. Also, keep in mind that you may have a refrigerant leak that’s in need of repair before you top it off.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Circuit breakers will very often alert you to a problem with your air conditioning system. Keep in mind that a circuit breaker will trip from time to time if you overload a specific circuit or possibly during an electrical surge from one of our many storms each year. If this happens on a regular basis, however, then a malfunctioning compressor could definitely be the problem.

Higher Monthly Energy Bills

One of the best indicators of any HVAC system issue is a sudden spike in your monthly energy bills. Check your previous year’s energy usage and determine if there’s a reason for the increase. You should also take into account that more people may be using electricity throughout the day because they’re still experiencing problems due to the pandemic.

Moisture/Water Around the Unit

Not only is it important that you fix a refrigerant leak because of its effect on your air conditioning system, but it also creates a potential health hazard. If you notice any moisture or water accumulation near the equipment, then you most likely have a leak. Another possibility is that you may have a blocked or broken drain tube, so check that, as well.

Contact ACHV Services for Help with Any Air Conditioner Compressor Problems

Air conditioner compressor problems can result in a massive failure of your equipment and costly repair services, especially if you don’t fix the underlying problem right away. ACHV Services has provided air conditioning repair in Pinellas and the surrounding areas for many years and can assist you with any type of HVAC issue for your home or business. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, give us a call at (727) 453-2432 today for repair and air conditioner maintenance.

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