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Why Does My AC Keep Tripping My Circuit Breaker?

air conditioning unit tripping circuit breaker on hot day

The temperature is rising fast here in Florida, and you’ve discovered some bad news… Every time you turn on your AC, it trips the circuit breaker. Sound about right? It might be time to reach out to a professional.  


There are several reasons why your air conditioner could be causing your circuit breaker to trip, which our HVAC technicians are here to share. Regardless of the cause, it’s important that you promptly seek the help of a trusted AC professional to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable this summer.  


circuit breaker


Here are 5 potential causes triggering your tripping breaker. 


1. Dirty Air Filter 


A dirty air filter could be to blame, and fortunately has the easiest solution out of potential issues. If your filter is caked with dust and debris, it can reduce airflow. This can cause your unit to overheat and trip the breaker. The fix? Clean or change your air filter.  



Your best bet is to prevent this problem in the first place by changing your filter every few months, especially during allergy season or if you have pets. 



2. Dirty Condenser Coils 


A dirty condenser prevents your system from properly dispersing heat from inside your home to the outside. To compensate, your AC unit will draw more electrical current to pull the heat out of your home, potentially causing a short circuit.  


To prevent this problem, make sure to schedule regular HVAC maintenance with your local pros! 


3. Broken Coil Fan 


Coil fans also help in the process of releasing heat from your home by blowing over the condenser coils. Problems with the motors that power these fans, whether from expected wear and tear or direct damage, can lead to increased energy usage that burns out the coil fans.  


4. “Hard Starting” Compressor 


The compressor is a crucial part of your AC system. As it ages, it may struggle to start up properly. This can trip the power running to your AC.  



If your unit takes longer than one second to start, call ACHV Services. 



5. Loose Wiring or Wear & Tear 


AC units are complex appliances with a labyrinth of wires and parts. Over time, one of those components may become loose, losing its connection and causing your breaker to trip.  


This is why it’s always a good idea to put an annual inspection on the calendar to stay on top of the condition of your system and prevent bigger problems from occurring.  



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Avoid a Much Bigger Problem with ACHV Services 


If your air conditioning continuously trips your circuit breaker, you need to get an AC technician over as soon as possible; as there is an underlying issue with your system that needs to be addressed. Plus, with the weather getting hotter, you’ll be pouring money down the drain with the constant stop-and-start of your unit.  


Don’t risk having to replace your entire system. Call a pro you can count on, like us here at ACHV Services. 

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