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FROZEN: What to Do if Your AC Freezes Up

How is it possible for a piece of technology to freeze while hard at work during the peak temperatures of our hottest summer days? Although it seems odd for an AC unit to be prone to freezing, it actually happens quite frequently. 


Not many homeowners know what to do to prevent or handle this problem if it happens, so our experts at ACHV Services share what you can do to avoid a beautiful, warm Florida day from becoming a sweltering one that you wish would end. 



Are You Dealing with a Freeze? 


If you suspect a problem, first check the supply registers. If they’re warm, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with frozen evaporator coils. If you see ice, you obviously have an issue and should call a qualified technician as soon as possible.  


Keep in mind though, just because you don’t see ice doesn’t mean you’re freeze-free! If your AC seems to be lagging, it’s still a good idea to invite over the pros. 


Potential Causes and the Fix 


Three main causes can lead to an AC freeze.  


  • Blocked airflow 
  • Mechanical problems or leaks 
  • Warm days & cool nights  


By understanding these situations, you’ll know what steps to take in the event they occur.  



In any case, calling in an expert for maintenance and repairs will keep your AC running efficiently, which will save you money and keep you comfortable.  



Blocked Air Flow  


Air conditioners need constant airflow so humidity can’t settle on the coils and result in freezing. This means your air filters need to be clean and clog-free so that airflow isn’t restricted.  


  • If you discover your AC is blocked as a result of clogged filters, you first need to turn off your air conditioner to let it defrost.  
  • After letting it thaw for a few hours, turn on the fan only and change out the filter.  


If this doesn’t solve the problem, call our team at ACHV Services for a more thorough inspection. 


Mechanical Problems or Leaks 


Your AC unit is full of moving parts that can get stuck or broken. You also may have low levels of refrigerant, which can cause your coils to freeze. Some problems are cheaper and easier to fix than others, but you need a professional to diagnose the issue. 


 Warm Days, Cool Nights 


Air conditioners are designed to operate within a certain temperature threshold. If the air suddenly drops lower than the optimum threshold can handle, your AC can have problems. Having a programmable thermostat installed by our team can help prevent these issues.  


If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, turn off the AC if it’s going to get colder than 60 degrees and open up a window instead. 



Learn More > Reasons Why Your AC is Leaking 



Keep Things Cool, Not Frozen with ACHV Services 


A frozen AC unit is an irritating but common issue that homeowners deal with. Fortunately, the problems that cause an AC freeze are preventable with regular maintenance from a professional HVAC service. 


Go ahead and take care of your yearly tune-up before January is over! Our reliable technicians at ACHV Services will keep your HVAC system in top shape to handle whatever the weather throws your way. Call (727) 453-2432 or (813) 917-2982. 

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